Sponge Balls

Ah, summertime!

I am always looking for new ways to keep C and his short attention span entertained. I’ve been seeing these sponge balls popping up on Pinterest as an alternative to water balloons. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big water balloon fan. The fun is pretty short lived, and at the end all your left with is a balloon-littered yard. So, I decided to give this idea a try! It turned out to be pretty easy, and provided lots of family fun!
There are a lot of links to tutorials, but I followed this one.

I started out with a few packs of sponges, and some string.


Each sponge ball uses 3 sponges. After you sort them, cut each sponge into 4 strips.


Gather the strips from 3 sponges together and tie them tightly in the middle. The original tutorial used dental floss, but the first 2 I made using the floss fell apart as soon as C started playing with them. Once I switched to string, they stayed together very well. Once they are tied, they are ready to go!



C had a great time with these in the pool, and loved throwing them at his mom and dad 🙂


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