Kenosha Harbor Market

It was a gorgeous day to be at the farmers market! Here are some items that One Sixteenth Designs had available today….


I didn’t take pictures of the scarves and windows, but we had those out as well!

The next time we will be at the Kenosha Harbor Market is September 21! I will do custom lamps, window designs, or signs….you just have to ask!

See you all then!


Wine Bottle Lamps

One Sixteenth Designs will be at the Kenosha Harbor Market tomorrow from 9-2! Stop by and see the new lamp designs!

Raised Garden

A good friend and I had a conversation recently about how lucky we are that our husbands are so handy. And not just handy in the sense that they can hang a picture frame, or change a flat tire. They build things. Amazing things. All we have to do is put the idea out there and – Viola – it appears. (I’m sure they wish it was really that effortless!)

Earlier this year I started browsing Pinterest for gardening and landscape ideas. After seeing a few examples, I had decided that I wanted had to have a raised garden. My prior attempts at gardening have been, well…eh. Lets just say I am not a big fan of pulling weeds. To me, this was the obvious solution to that problem, or at least could lessen it.

When my husband hears the word Pinterest, I’m fairly certain he tunes me out, going to his safe place in hopes that if he doesn’t engage than my urge to take on my latest project idea will just go away. Ha. He should know better than that by now 🙂 So, after multiple mentions of building raised gardens, and threatening to do it myself, he got to work.


He used wood from his parents barn to form the garden,  lined it, and put some straw in the bottom.


Once it was filled with dirt, we were ready to go!


Here they are today!


These may be my favorite project to date! They are at a great height for me, and for my little helper C! We planted peas, green beans, carrot, spinach, lettuce, green peppers, onions, arugula, cilantro, strawberry, and cucumber. C planted some watermelon at the end too, which are doing great 🙂

This is just one of the many examples of how lucky I am to have such a BRILLIANT husband!

Watermelon Mojito

Ah Friday!

Currently, the fact that my amazing husband has night time baby duty tops my “Why I love Friday” list. To celebrate this, I decided to make myself a cocktail (ahem, a few cocktails). I have some beautiful mint growing in my herb garden, which has me craving a mojito. Finding myself out of white rum, I decided to add some different fruits and use some vodka….really, muddling with mint is the important part, right 😉

1 T Simple Syrup
6 mint leaves
1 large strawberry
1-2 wedges of watermelon
Soda or sparkling water


Prepare the simple syrup by dissolving sugar in water (equal parts). Muddle chopped strawberry and mint into the simple syrup. At this point I added the juice from half a lime, chopped watermelon, and muddled it until it became liquid. You may want to purée the watermelon if you don’t want it too thick and chunky.


Add some ice, and vodka to taste. Top it off with a dash of soda and a wedge of lime.



Sponge Balls

Ah, summertime!

I am always looking for new ways to keep C and his short attention span entertained. I’ve been seeing these sponge balls popping up on Pinterest as an alternative to water balloons. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big water balloon fan. The fun is pretty short lived, and at the end all your left with is a balloon-littered yard. So, I decided to give this idea a try! It turned out to be pretty easy, and provided lots of family fun!
There are a lot of links to tutorials, but I followed this one.

I started out with a few packs of sponges, and some string.


Each sponge ball uses 3 sponges. After you sort them, cut each sponge into 4 strips.


Gather the strips from 3 sponges together and tie them tightly in the middle. The original tutorial used dental floss, but the first 2 I made using the floss fell apart as soon as C started playing with them. Once I switched to string, they stayed together very well. Once they are tied, they are ready to go!



C had a great time with these in the pool, and loved throwing them at his mom and dad 🙂

Playroom Art

I have been wanting to try this project with C after seeing some cute crayon art on Pinterest. It ended up being pretty easy, although a little too time consuming to hold my busy-body 4 year old 🙂 C and I each designed our own, inspired by these projects:

We started by choosing our crayons. C choose these round ones that my mom made by melting down old crayons and putting them in mini muffin tins. So cute! I laid out the crayons, and then hot-glued them to the canvas.


Here is mine:


I wanted to add something extra to mine, so I drew a little umbrella in the bottom corner, and covered it with cardstock so the wax wouldn’t touch it.


Now for the melting process. We used an embossing heat tool, but a hair dryer would work just fine!



After the wax was dry, I removed the cardstock and painted my umbrella with acrylic paint.


The finished products:


Chalkboard Refrigerator

Lately, I have had one thing on my mind….

Chalkboard Paint. (and maybe Ryan Gosling) Never having used chalkboard paint before, I’m sure most normal people would choose something small…a jar, or a frame perhaps. Not this girl! I had my eye on something else….the refrigerator. With C visiting his grandparents, and the Mr. at a baseball game, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to tackle this project. Here is the before photo of my victim:


I gathered a few supplies… magnetic primer, chalkboard paint (I used Rustoleum brand for both), paint trays, small foam rollers,  small foam brushes, and painters tape.

After removing the magnets, etc., I wiped down the refrigerator twice, and let it dry completely. I taped around the handles, and put on the magnetic primer. The directions said to put on three coats, but I was not at all prepared for how strong the fumes would be! Figuring that since the refrigerator was already magnetic, I just put on one coat. Here it is with the primer:


After letting it dry for about an hour and a half, I put on the first coat of chalkboard paint. I let this set overnight, and then added a second coat.

I really couldn’t be happier with the (almost) finished product (I do need to touch up where the tape was):



Here is a link to the blog that gave me some inspiration:

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